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Funny Ford F-150 Raptor vs. T-Rex Video is Surprisingly Accurate

Is the off-road-racing Ford F-150 Raptor named after the bird of prey, or the theropod dinosaur from Jurassic Park? We're not sure, but Autoblog played with the latter in a new video pitting the F-150 Raptor against a T-rex.

The 2017 F-150 Raptor shows off its fierce acceleration—0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. Its 450-horsepower, 510-pound-feet-torque engine gives a primal roar, and it shreds up the sand sliding through its 43.8-foot...

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Why Is Budgeting So Important?

Before you embark on a test drive, and before you arrive at our dealership, it is important to create a comprehensive, detailed budget.

A lengthy budget is the best way to discover which vehicles you can afford. With this information, you can expedite the purchasing process by researching specific vehicles that are in your price range, and come to our dealership prepared for a test drive.

Essentially, your budget is the best tool you have to assist you during the purchasing process.


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Get Your Ford Vehicle Checked Out With Our Service Team

Here at Tenvoorde Ford Inc., we are proud to have a team of automotive experts available to look at your vehicle whenever you need assistance. While Ford vehicles are built to withstand the most daunting challenges of the road, they do need routine maintenance to ensure their quality, and to extend their lifespan.

This is generally something as simple as an oil change, or a tire rotation – simple maintenance which can extend your vehicle’s longevity, and keep you safe, and comfortable, on the road. Our team is also more than capable of helping you with larger tasks.

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The Ford Explorer is unstoppable, just like you

When your life is constantly in motion, a dependable vehicle that doesn't stop for anything is clutch. Taking the wheel of the 2017 Ford Explorer is always a fine idea, as this SUV will always deliver the power, features and capabilities you need to power through any situation.


You don’t stop, so we don’t stop. No matter what time it is. Always Unstoppable. #FordExplorer

A post shared by Ford Motor Company (@ford) on all-wheel drive with a te

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Take your summer to greater heights with the Ford Escape

Time seems to pass quicker than ever once the summer months commence. Tenvoorde Ford knows that our customers and drivers in and around the Saint Cloud area don't want to miss out on a relaxing outing to your top choice destinations before the air turns cold.


No matter where you go, the Intelligent 4WD in the #FordEscape will help you get there.

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Taking the wheel of the 2017 Ford Escape not only ensures a safe and comfortable ride, it also ensures a rather…

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Ford Has One High-Flying Hatch in the 2017 Focus RS

If the hot hatchback class has been calling your name, we here at Tenvoorde Ford Inc suggest you heed its cries -- and then turn your attention to ours, the 2017 Focus RS.

How come? Road Test Editor Dan Ilika is here to provide some context on the matter; ride out with him in the clip below:

Just beneath the hatch's hood, a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine holds court with a sprightly, six-speed manual transmission.

Served up standard with all-wheel drive, overall output for the Focus RS weighs in at a whopping 350 horsepower and 350 pound-feet…

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Prioritize Safety with the 2017 Ford Fusion

Are you in need of a new family car? Do you have teens whose driving habits make you... well, a bit nervous? If this sounds like you, the 2017 Ford Fusion might be the perfect end to your search.

The Ford Fusion is a remarkably crashworthy midsize sedan with lots of available safety features to help you avoid or mitigate dangerous situations on the road.

Worried about accidentally backing out of a driveway and into an oncoming vehicle? The rear cross-traffic warning system watches out for you and lets you know if a vehicle is about to pass behind you…

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Rear wheel vs front wheel tread depth importance

Alright, here's a long debated topic. If your tires don't have even tread depth, which makes more sense, having your tire with better tread on your front tires or your rear tires? Maybe this article will help answer.

Part of the answer is this: it depends on if you have a front-wheel or rear-wheel drive vehicle. The other part of the answer is this: don't let your tires develop uneven tread depth. Just get regular tire rotations. It's not safe to do otherwise.

OK, so either answer doesn't work entirely. Testing has shown that having…
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A Dead Battery Can Really Ruin Your Day!

Replacing your car's battery may seem like something you can put off until something happens. But what you may not be thinking about, or taking into consideration is the amount of discomfort this could cause you. People assume you will be places at the proper time. In other words, people depend on you. You, in turn, depend on your car to start when it is supposed to, and drive you to your destination. When your car fails to start, you may think that your car failed you. This could be partially true. But what may be the case, is…
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2017 Ford Explorer Epitomizes Full-Size SUV Splendor

Are you be in the market for a full-size SUV? Well, if so, we here at Tenvoorde Ford Inc feel you might like to give ours, the 2017 Explorer, a go.

"Why?" you wonder.

Get the inside scoop from the good folks at MotorWeek; their evaluation of the Explorer is as follows:

The Explorer's Base trim is, by all accounts, a beaut.

Standard features on this model include 18-inch wheels, a rearview camera, a 60/40-split second-row seat, a 50/50-split third-row seat, an eight-way power driver seat, a 4.2-inch display screen, Bluetooth connectivity, the SYNC infotainment system…

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