Automated Technology on the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a mid-size SUV that is noted for its stylish exterior design. This is a nice-looking vehicle, and it is also a durable vehicle that is capable of getting you where you want to go even in inclement weather. The Edge has automated technologies that provide driver convenience.

When it is raining or snowing outside, the Ford Edge's windshield wipers come on automatically. You can set the wipers so that they come on in a light mist or in heavier rain. The Ford Edge also offers auto-dimming mirrors. When someone comes up behind you with bright lights, the mirrors quickly dim to protect your eyes and provide better road vision.

These are just a couple of the important technology features found on the Ford Edge. To find out more about the Ford Edge, take a test drive of the vehicle at Tenvoorde Ford located in Saint Cloud, MN. Sales professionals are standing by.

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