Ford Focus Electric Puts Battery Power to Work

The Ford Focus is a flexible, compact car that offers performance and economy. It's a favorite of personal and business users. The 2018 Ford Focus Electric adds excellent mileage and a power gauge cluster that provides real-time information on the electric charge and engine performance.

Saint Cloud drivers enjoy the excellent mileage of the Ford Focus Electric and eagerly learn the driving tips that get the maximum range from each charge. The techniques include braking and changing driving habits to get long life from the battery and charging system.

At Tenvoorde Ford Inc, we understand the benefits of high performance and great mileage. Fuel costs can consume a big part of the household budget, and we all seek to make a positive impact on the environment. We invite you to call or stop by and see the Focus Electric models. Please take a test drive and experience the quiet power of the market's best electric compact.

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