Signs That Your Alternator Is Failing

A dead battery first thing in the morning doesn't necessarily mean your car's battery needs replacing. The culprit may be a faulty alternator, since the alternator actually has the job of generating enough energy to keep the battery fully charged.

When a customer has an issue with a dead battery, our service department at Tenvoorde Ford Inc in Saint Cloud often finds that after charging the battery and it dies again within minutes, something is going on with the alternator. Dim lights also indicate an alternator is failing, as is the smell of burning rubber, or any whining, growling or screeching noises coming from under the hood.

Don't ignore "ALT" or "GEN" Warning lights on your instrument panel. Pay attention to the health of your generator with help from our Tenvoorde Ford Inc service department and you will avoid the wasted time and hassle associated with not being able to start your car when needed.

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