The Ford Transit Connect - Capable and Convenience

Built to Ford's rigorous Light Commercial Vehicle Durability Standards, the Ford Transit Connect is truly "Ford Tough" and meets Ford's stringent standards for reliability. Whatever the load, the Transit Connect hauls it with ease, making the Transit Connect one of the most popular work vans in the world.

The Ford Transit Connect helps you to save money on gas in a number of ways. The super-efficient eight-speed automatic transmission flows seamlessly between gears. The standard 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine saves gas while providing abundant power to haul heavy loads.

Further saving on gas in city traffic is the standard Auto Start-Stop Technology. Come to a temporary stop in traffic and the engine automatically shuts off, leaving the climate controls (heating and A/C) and audio speakers on for your convenience. When you let up on the brake pedal and press down on the gas, the engine seamlessly starts up again, minimizing fuel consumption and emissions.

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