Check Out the Ford F-150 Performance

When discussing the best and most popular trucks in America, the Ford F-150 is almost always one of the trucks people bring up. The F-150 has a sterling reputation for advanced performance, in addition to its style cues and design features. In Saint Cloud, you need a tough truck to get around- and no truck is tougher than the Ford F-150 line featured at Tenvoorde Ford.

There are countless performance upgrades that Ford has added to the all-new Ford F-150. The new traction control system does a great deal to prevent slippage and increases the amount you can safely tow. The bed liner is made completely out of aluminum which serves dual purposes relating to performance. The first is lowering the weight to a level that is much less strain on the engine. The second is the increased storage capacity built directly into the back of the truck for all of your work or play equipment.

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